SplashValve Proportional Water Switch

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SplashValve Proportional Water Switch

The SplashValve is a UL-listed, fast-acting, servo-actuated proportional water switch designed for use in fountains, splash pads and water features. It allows aquatic designers and fountain programmers to proportionally control the flow heights of individual effect nozzles operating on a single supply manifold.

A higher performing replacement for conventional water switches, solenoid valves and distributed, high voltage effect pumps, SplashValves maintain constant manifold back pressure. This enables each SplashValve operating on a common manifold to perform a different effect without impacting the performance of the other SplashValves.

The SplashValve is an 8-bit DMX (0-255) device capable of switching between full effect and full bypass in roughly a tenth of a second. Its low-voltage, low-power operating requirement, seal-less clog-proof design and high-quality 316 stainless steel construction make the SplashValve intrinsically safe, highly reliable and long-lasting.

With the help of SplashBotix’s expert team, SplashValves can be easily integrated into a range of project types, from existing legacy installations to brand new greenfield designs.


Dimensions165 mm x 125 mm x 128 mm 6.5” L x 4.9” W x 5” H
Weight5.25 kg / 11.5 lbs 316 Stainless Steel, Delrin, & UHMW
PowerEach SplashValve runs on 20W, 12 VAC OR 24 VDC
Max PSI50
Max GPM115
Cycle Time0.10 seconds from 0-full effect
CommunicationDMX/RDM (with extended RDM functionality)

Cable Options and Compatible SplashValve Part Numbers

3 M HOMERUN ONLY – Single cable systemSplashValve PN: 072089W001
3 M single hybrid submersible power & DMX cable w/pigtail, 5-core cable
3 M MULTI-DROP DMX – Up to 30 devices on a single runSplashValve PN: 072089W005
3 M single hybrid submersible power & DMX cable w/pigtail, 7-core cable
SplashValve Cut Sheet×
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