Recreational Aquatics

SplashBotix standardized controls provides municipal and private recreational aquatics facility managers and owners with premium, user-friendly controls solutions at highly competitive price points and lead times.

Using its proprietary SplashValve technology, SplashBotix also helps aquatics facilities designers achieve highly interactive and engaging, indoor and outdoor aquatic play features, splash pads and spray parks.

Reach out today to learn more about how SplashBotix can support your next recreational aquatics project.

Relevant Services

Custom aquatics controls design and build

Interactive aquatic feature programming

Electrical design consulting and assistance

Electrical field wiring drawings

Remote and onsite setup and installation support

General design consulting and assistance

Relevant Products

Off-the-shelf SCADA and supervisory aquatic control

Low voltage pool lighting power and control

Distributed low voltage proportional flow control

DMX device and lighting fixture control