Main DMX Show Control Cabinet

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The SplashBotix Main DMX Show Control Cabinet allows designers to easily power and control all of their distributed DMX show equipment, including DMX lighting fixtures, flow control devices, fountain movers and more.

DMX 512A is the standard communication protocol for most lighting fixtures, fountain movers and flow control devices in the show fountain, waterpark and themed entertainment market, including the SplashBotix SplashValve.

Each Main DMX Cabinet comes standard with four pre-written shows, contains its own show controller and can easily integrate with and be remotely controlled from an MCP. Its pad-lockable DMX slider is conveniently located on the front of the cabinet and allows users to produce static scenes of any color.

Main DMX Control Cabinets can support equipment adding up to 3,840W and can control up to 512 DMX channels or an entire DMX universe. For designers who wish to exceed the limitations of a single DMX Control Cabinet, Secondary DMX Control Cabinets can be integrated with a Main DMX Control Cabinet to expand the total number of controllable DMX devices.

The Main DMX Cabinet is equipped with a sophisticated insulation monitor that can detect dangerous and damaging leakage current that may otherwise go undetected by a standard GFCI, providing an additional layer of system equipment protection. Each cabinet features a brushed 316 stainless steel construction with a quarter-turn pad-lockable latch.


Part No.083001K001
Weight140 kg / 300 lb
Dimensions945 mm x 474 mm x 1443 mm37.19” L x 18.66” W x 56.81” H316 Stainless Steel
Max Wattage3840 W
Incoming Power120 VAC
Full Load Current42.1 FLA
Max DMX Addresses512
DMX Control Cabinets Cut Sheet×

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