Special Effects, Theming and Amusements

SplashBotix leverages its fountain spectacular and show development experience, advanced proportional flow control technology and engineering know-how to help theming and show design professionals achieve their creative visions.

From theme parks and immersive experiences, to live shows and events featuring show fountains, effects lighting and other special effects programming, SplashBotix is here to help you bring your next project to life.

Relevant Services

Show fountain and special effects controls design and build

Special effects show programming

Movers and mechatronics design and build

General engineering consulting and support

Electrical design consulting and support

Electrical and field wiring drawings

Remote and on-site setup and installation support

Mockups and testing

Relevant Products

Fountain movers and mechatronics

Distributed low voltage proportional flow control

Off-the-shelf SCADA and supervisory aquatic control

DMX device and lighting fixture control

Low voltage pool lighting power and control

Networking power and control