SplashBotix Products

SplashBotix’s suite of standardized products and solutions eliminates for fountain creatives the most costly and complex technical challenges standing between ideation and execution.

Replace independent pumps and switches with the SplashValve, a fast acting, revolutionary diverter valve enabling designers to run multiple effects off a single supply.

SplashBotix’s pre-engineered “wet” and “dry” standard controls seamlessly bring together your entire system, enabling a wide range of effects and application needs.

The SplashDrive submersible aquatic controls system takes its design from mission critical controls systems engineered to withstand the world’s most extreme wet environments.

Create unprecedented, high-powered effects with SplashBotix’s highly robust, reliable and inventive submersible live show equipment and movers.

Equipped with a multi-axis nozzle for panning and tilting water streams, as well as color-changing LED lights, the SplashBot will bring your interactive splashpad or aquatic show installation to the next level.

The SplashHub submersible high-torque closed-loop underwater actuator is the perfect platform for developing high-powered, exciting new water features and fountain systems.