EtherNET Control Cabinet

EtherNET Control Cabinet

SplashBotix standardized controls are specially engineered with show fountain and water feature designers in mind.

Our comprehensive standard controls platform eliminates the need for patchwork, often temperamental, controls systems, ensuring long-lasting, smooth operations.

The EtherNET Control Cabinet provides an industrial solution for connecting EtherNET devices and other SplashBotix control cabinets together, either when distances are too great or when additional ethernet ports are needed for a given application.

The cabinet is an industrial solution for all EtherNET-based networks and is suitable for stand-alone operations where industrial-hardened EtherNET network infrastructure is needed.


Part No.071010D001
Dimensions30 x 30 x 8
Incoming Power110 VAC
Full Load Current5 AMP
Max number EtherNET ports24

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