SplashBotix Main Control Panel (MCP)

Equipment Room Controller

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The SplashBotix Main Control Panel (MCP) is the first off-the-shelf controls solution for monitoring and controlling equipment and devices supporting waterparks, commercial pools and other commercial aquatic facilities and installations.

Built on a powerful framework used by many of today’s most popular web applications, the MCP’s user interface features modern design elements that make monitoring and controlling aquatic systems easier and more intuitive than ever before.

Accessible via the cabinet’s 10” touchscreen, or any internet-connected desktop, tablet or mobile device, the MCP’s HMI presents users with a hierarchical view of their mechanical room, enabling both system-wide and device-level views and controls.

It also features a detailed SCADA log of key events, reflecting everything from administrative actions to device faults and alarms. Operators can use the SCADA system’s alert feature to notify them of faults, alerts and other key system-wide or device-level events via text message, email or both.

Each MCP is designed to control up to four (4) basins. For facilities with more than four basins, additional MCPs or Remote I/O Cabinets can be easily integrated to expand the total number of controllable basins.

Designed to work with nearly all industry-leading aquatic control systems and equipment, the MCP also features an intuitive device setup interface, making it easy to integrate new devices or equipment as your property grows.

MCPs are offered at reliable lead times and standard pricing and can integrate seamlessly with third party aquatic control systems as well as other SplashBotix control cabinets and solutions.


Part No.071017C001
Weight140 lbs
Dimension36” x 30” x 12”
Enclosure MaterialBrushed 316 Stainless Steel
Enclosure RatingNEMA Type 4X
LatchQuarter Turn (Pad-Lockable)
Agency Listings and ApprovalUL 508A
Supply Voltage110 VAC
Supply Current3 A
Internal Control Voltage24 VDC
Operational EnvironmentIndoors
Nominal Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C
Remote Connection*User interface accessible via all major internet browsers on MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android
FirewallNetgate 1100
Interface10″ Touch Screen HMI Lockable
Main Control Panel Cut Sheet×

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