Movers and Mechatronics

SplashBot Cut Sheet×

SplashBotix SplashBot (Conceptual)

The SplashBotix SplashBot is a finger-safe, dual axis fountain nozzle mover designed for use among splash pads, embedded dry deck fountains, show fountains and aquatic play features.

Engineered to fit within a traditional fountain canister design, the SplashBot allows for fast-acting nozzle panning and tilting. Remotely controllable over DMX, the SplashBot is a simple way to add exciting and dynamic effects to any installation.

The magnetic coupling linking the SplashBot’s actuator to its dual access mover can easily break away in the event that fingers or other foreign objects come in contact with the nozzle. This novel magnetic break-away system makes the SplashBot the perfect solution for kid- and family-friendly splash pads and aquatic play features.

SplashHub Cut Sheet×

SplashBotix SplashHub

The SplashHub is a modular robotic servo actuator that provides show system and aquatic feature designers a simple and reliable means of moving and positioning a wide array of effects in both wet and dry applications.  

Each SplashHub module is a fully-submersible (IP 69K) gear-motor and integrated controller that supports a wide range of speed, position and torque control modes while providing high-capacity output bearings capable of supporting moving structures and effects.  

All-stainless construction and proprietary dynamic seals enable millions of cycles of hassle-free operation in both outdoor and submerged applications without the need for pressurized air supply.

Unlike traditional motion solutions with dozens of cables, hoses and connectors to manage, the SplashHub’s all-electric controls result in a much cleaner system with far fewer points of failure.  

Furthermore, the SplashHub’s double shaft configuration enables users to run any tubing or wiring directly through the middle of the motor for simple and highly optimized cable management.

Modules can be controlled over conventional protocols such as DMX/RDM or via advanced motion control interfaces like EtherCAT.