Building Smart Solutions for the Future of Aquatic Design.

SplashBotix technology helps aquatic designers and contractors bring their most innovative, exciting and enduring projects to life.

Where We Deliver Value

Our breakthrough SplashValve proportional flow control technology enables incredible dancing fountains while streamlining electrical and physical infrastructure.

A UL508A panel shop, we offer standardized and custom supervisory, lighting and show controls. Partner with us to meet all of your aquatic controls needs.

From high-powered, ruggedized submersible fountain robots to small, finger-safe splash pad movers and mechatronics, we bring your biggest – and smallest – ideas to life.

Application Areas and Markets We Serve

SplashBotix leverages its domain expertise and engineering know how to help fountain designers and developers deliver award-winning fountains and interactive aquatic features.

Waterpark designers and operators partner with SplashBotix to create exciting and innovative new rides and features that improve guest experience and engagement.

Designers and contractors work with SplashBotix to raise the standard for luxury among resort pools, fountains and water features.

SplashBotix standardized controls provide recreational aquatics facility managers with premium, user-friendly controls solutions at competitive prices and lead times.

For nearly 20 years, SplashBotix has supplied submersible mechatronics, flow control and controls solutions to the biggest names in themed entertainment.

SplashBotix standardized controls provides facility managers with premium, user-friendly controls solutions at competitive price points and lead times.

Who We Work With

SplashBotix partners with Architects & Designers to simplify the structural, electrical and controls design and development process among aquatic projects of all size and level of complexity.

SplashBotix is both a supplier and valued partner to contractors, providing both remote and on-site support throughout the bidding, planning and construction processes.