SplashBotix Aquatic Control Software Key Features

SplashBotix’s Aquatic Control HMI features a modern UI that makes monitoring and controlling aquatic systems easier and more intuitive than ever before.

Built on a development framework used among many of today’s most popular web applications, SplashBotix’s HMI offers a uniquely powerful, intuitive and feature-rich aquatic control solution for aquatic facilities owners and operators.

Optimized for, and easily accessible from an MCP, or any internet-connected desktop, tablet or mobile device, SplashBotix’s HMI software presents users with a hierarchical view of their mechanical room, enabling both system-wide and device-level views and controls.

Basin Status Screen

SCADA Viewer

The HMI also features a detailed SCADA log of key events, reflecting everything from administrative actions to device faults and alarms. Operators can use the SCADA system’s alert feature to notify them of faults, alerts and other key system-wide or device-level events via text message, email or both.

Onscreen Documentation

Each basin view includes help icons, which, when clicked, populate a dialogue box offering relevant information about that view lifted directly from the manual. Users not only receive detailed information about the equipment each view reflects, but also instructions on how to use associated control features.

Putting relevant documentation right at the user’s fingertips spares users from having to flip through physical documentation and ensures even first-time users can use the system effectively.

Simple Device Setup and Integration

SplashBotix’s control software is also inherently scalable. Unlike software in custom panels, SplashBotix’s software can easily be configured to control new systems and devices as aquatic features or installations expand over time.

With the configuration of each new feature or installation, the software automatically generates new basin and device-level views and controls. Using the MCP, operators and owners can be confident that as their property scales, so too will their controls.

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