Specialty Products

Designed with simple integration in mind

Preview SplashBotix’s list of Specialty Products are pre-engineered for direct placement in your next live-action entertainment show or show fountain. Engineered, tested, & built in-house our product’s high-performance levels will become permanent fixtures in your show system.


Our SplashBot is engineered to not only light up your water entertainment show but to pan & tilt streams of water. Add awe to any show fountain with our SplashBot.


Breathe easy with our submersible SplashDrive! Place all feature controls safely submersed in our IP 6X rated SplashDrive.


Create a seamless water show & inspire audiences with our SplashHub! This submersible high-torque closed-loop underwater actuator offers consistent control & tight coordination. 


Save money, time, & materials with our intuitive SplashValve. Check out how our SplashValve challenges the traditional structure of show fountains. 

Custom Engineered Movers

SplashBotix Movers provide your system with robust & reliable solutions. Need more options? Let us design & develop customizable movers for your next project. 

Standard Controls

Standard Controls come in many configurations, but all function with similar core principles. Check out our Standard Controls here & find the perfect solution for your show. 

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SplashBotix’s mission is to empower creative ideas & artistic visions by developing high-quality, innovative technical solutions for the entertainment & show fountain industry. 

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