Show and Architectural Fountains

Muskogee, Oklahoma fountain featuring SplashValves

SplashBotix leverages its extensive domain experience, advanced proportional flow control technology and engineering know-how to help the fountain industry’s most creative and prolific designers achieve their creative vision.

Our groundbreaking SplashValve flow control device replaces distributed effect pumps in modern fountains and water features to make dancing fountains and aquatic attractions safer, more feature-rich and more reliable.

Additionally, our range of lighting and show control cabinets offer fountain and water feature designers a convenient, off-the-shelf solution for powering and controlling all of their DMX devices and lighting fixtures.

Partner with SplashBotix today to bring your next water feature or fountain project to life!

Relevant Services

Custom fountain controls design and build

Fountain show programming

Fountain mover design and build

Custom submersible “wet” controls development

Electrical design consulting and assistance

Electrical and field wiring drawings

Fountain mockups and testing

Relevant Products

Distributed low voltage proportional flow control

DMX device and lighting fixture power and control

Fountain movers and mechatronics

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