Primary Led:BUS Lighting Control Cabinet

Led:BUS Cabinet Cut Sheet×

Constructed using brushed 316 stainless steel and featuring a quarter-turn pad-lockable latch, the SplashBotix Primary Led:BUS Lighting Control Cabinet is specially designed to control Fontana lighting products using Fontana’s proprietary Led:BUS communication protocol.

It comes standard with four pre-written shows, contains its own show controller and can easily integrate with and be remotely controlled from an MCP. Its pad-lockable DMX slider is conveniently located on the front of the cabinet, and allows users to implement static scenes of any color.

Primary Led:BUS Cabinets have a max wattage of 3,840W and can control up to 42 RGB/RGBW lighting fixtures or 168 white lighting fixtures. However, some additional constraints must be observed to achieve the maximum number of lights; consult with SplashBotix to understand these constraints.

For designers who wish to exceed the limitations of a single Primary Led:BUS Cabinet, Secondary Led:BUS Cabinets can be integrated with a Primary Led:BUS cabinet to expand the total number of controllable Fontana lighting fixtures.

Each Primary Led:BUS Cabinet is equipped with a sophisticated insulation monitor that can detect dangerous and damaging leakage current that may otherwise go undetected by a standard GFCI, bringing a whole new level of protection to your equipment.

About Led:BUS

The Led:BUS communication protocol is beloved by pool and fountain lighting specialists for its user-friendly simplicity, a result of its straightforward three-wire design.


Part No.069062F001
Weight140 kg / 300 lb
Dimensions945 mm x 474 mm x 1443 mm37.19” L x 18.66” W x 56.81” H316 Stainless Steel
Max Wattage3840 W
Incoming Power120 VAC
Full Load Current42.1 FLA
Max Led:BUS Addresses42 RGB / RGBW or 168 White
Led:BUS Cabinet Cut Sheet×

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