Project Spotlight: NEO Health Fountain | Muskogee, Oklahoma

SplashBotix SplashValve Featured Prominently in Dancing Fountain Designed by Roman Fountains

Muskogee, Oklahoma fountain featuring SplashValves

Completed in August 2023, the fountain at Northeast Oklahoma (NEO) Health’s Muskogee clinic features four leaper jets and sixteen SplashValves. The SplashValves and leaper jets work in concert with one another to perform beautiful dancing fountain shows for both patients and passers-by.

SplashValves replace solenoid valves, water switches and distributed effect pumps in dancing fountains and aquatic play features to enable fast-acting, nozzle-level proportional flow control over popular show programming language DMX.

The 16 SplashValves pictured above are all fed by the same 2.7HP pump.

The NEO Health fountain, designed by renowned Sarasota, Florida-based fountain designer Roman Fountains, takes advantage of the SplashValve’s unique proportional flow control capabilities to perform advanced fountain effects using fewer pumps.

While each of the fountain’s four leaper jets has its own effect pump, each of the sixteen SplashValves are fixed to a common manifold fed by a single 2.7HP dry pump housed beneath the basin.

Unlike a solenoid valve, the SplashValve does not stop or stem the flow of water; it merely changes its direction. This ensures that on installs such as this one, manifold pressure remains constant, enabling each SplashValve to operate independently of one another despite all being fed by the same pump.

The SplashValve’s internal diverter mechanism can switch positions in less than .23 seconds and works by diverting water to the SplashValve’s effect port, bypass port or to both ports simultaneously at varying proportions, allowing for a range of nozzle heights between full effect (on) and full bypass (off).

The result is a fast-acting dancing fountain capable of creating mesmerizing water choreographies that enchant and engage spectators.

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Distributed low voltage proportional flow control

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