Designer, Architect and Engineer Support

SplashBotix partners with architects and designers to assist in the design and development of pools, fountains, waterparks, splash pads, themed entertainment spectaculars and other aquatic features. Particularly on matters of electrical and controls design, SplashBotix is a hugely important resource for its design and architecture partners. A subsidiary of ARM Automation, an industrial automation design and integration firm of more than 30 years, SplashBotix offers a level of expertise in electrical design and development that is unique to the aquatics industry.

To make the lives of aquatic designers and engineers who specify SplashBotix’s Main Control Panel even easier, SplashBotix offers an easy-to-use electrical design template that greatly simplifies electrical schematic design and development associated with controls. This framework ensures designers spend less time focusing on electrical design scope and more time designing the exciting and creative features and amenities owners and guests truly care about. Click the link below to learn more!

MCP Electrical Design Framework×

Relevant Services

Custom controls design and build

Show fountain and water feature programming

Fountain mover design and build

Electrical design review and consulting

Electrical and field wiring drawing

Testing and mockup support

MCP design integration support

Remote and on-site setup and installation support

General design consulting and support

Relevant Products

Distributed low voltage proportional flow control

Off-the-shelf SCADA and supervisory aquatic control

DMX device and lighting fixture control

Low voltage pool lighting power and control

Networking power and control

Fountain movers and mechatronics