Custom Engineered Solutions

SplashBotix offers custom engineered solutions for the automated fountain & show system industry. SplashBotix paired with ARM Automation’s 28-year design & engineering experience provides your project with unique technical skills. ARM Automation is well-versed in developing a variety of bespoke solutions for motion control, harsh-duty electronics & robotic positioners  ~ including some of the largest & most iconic show fountains in the world. 

Custom Engineered Control Systems

  • Touch panel displays & operator screen design
  • Complete control panel solutions 
  • UL Certified panel build facility 

Custom Engineered Splash Devices

  • Lifetime seals without complex pressurization
  • Distributed, submersed electronic systems
  • Shorter cable runs & less complexity

Custom Engineered Movers & Robotics

  • Reliable & safe operation from experts in their field
  • High-performance self-contained motion systems
  • Tight coordination & motion control
From simple to complex creative ideas,
let SplashBotix give life to your project vision.

Contact us today to discuss how we can custom engineer your creative design into a high-quality, show-stopping water feature. 

SplashBotix’s mission is to empower creative ideas & artistic visions by developing high-quality, innovative technical solutions for the entertainment & show fountain industry. 

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