Standard Controls Products

SplashBotix’s pre-engineered “wet” and “dry” standard controls seamlessly bring together your entire system, enabling a wide range of effects and application needs.

Custom Controls

SplashBotix can be contracted to develop custom controls that meet the specific needs of your project or installations, including both submersible or “wet” controls and non-submersed “dry controls.”

Submersible “Wet” Controls

Some applications can benefit significantly by distributing or co-locating controls electronics, even into continuously submerged conditions.

Advantages of wet distributed controls include:

  • Reduced cable runs and points of connection/potential failure

  • Lower net installation time, skill and costs

  • More design flexibility for complex systems

Dry Controls

Traditional “dry” controls solutions are available to accommodate both power and control of remote pumps, drives, lights, sensors and other show effects.

We offer a UL-certified panel shop with significant experience in engineering enclosures and electrical systems to meet unique and challenging needs.

SplashBotix pre-engineered and proven sub-systems allows the SplashBotix team to quickly and cost-effectively deliver scalable, well-documented controls solutions to fit a wide range of application needs.