Control Systems

Standard Controls

SplashBotix Standard Controls are suited for spectaculars, fountain, or pool applications! 

Benefits of SplashBotix Standard Controllers:

  • Lower cost due to the Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) cost  
  • Quality & Performance Testing
  • SplashBotix Difference


Check out the range of controls we offer! 

This control system is equipped with internet access & a Human Module Interface (HMI). It functions as an overall logic controller. 

Download cut sheet here 

Download cut sheet here 

This standard controller is specific for programming light shows using a DMX controller.

Download cut sheet here - *Coming soon!*

This standard controller connects to a main lighting module without a show controller.

Download cut sheet here - *Coming soon!*

This system is similar to Primary DMX/RDM Lighting Control Cabinet except it is designed to partner with Led:BUS Fontana lights. 

Download cut sheet here 

This standard controller connects to a main lighting module without a show controller.

Download cut sheet here 

When the sun fades, or minimal light is available our Standard Low-Voltage Pool Lighting Control Cabinet automatically turns on your pool lights. 

Download cut sheet here 

This module houses an industrial 12 port ethernet hub that allows users to extend or distribute ethernet/CAT 5 connections by at least 300 ft. 

Download cut sheet here - *Coming soon!*

Submersed Controls

SplashBotix can provide submersed or “wet” underwater control systems. 


These types of controllers allow for large water features or show fountains to place controllers underwater when architecture demands or space is limited. 

  • Compatible with any major control protocol such as: sACN, ArtNET, EtherCAT, or DMX512/RDM
  • Keeps Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) & pump distance shorter
  • SplashBotix branded submersible enclosure built to fit your project needs ~ accompanied with submersion rated IP68X electrical connections

Show Controls

SplashBotix produces multiple scalable Show Control systems. 


We can provide custom or work with pre-designed show data, audio, & video systems. SplashBotix show controls can adapt to all major show & industrial protocols such as:

  • sACN, ArtNET, DMX512, SMTP, MIDI
  • EtherCAT, ModBUS, ModBUS/TCP, EtherNET, IP 


Our show controllers are enclosed in 19″ racks, use industrial rated optical splitters, & high-quality ethernet devices.


Depending on project specifications, native field wiring can be accommodated with field terminal strips. SplashBotix specializes in developing robust & reliable show devices engineered for permanent installation. 

Custom Controls

Let SplashBotix design & engineer custom control systems for your next project! 


SplashBotix specializes in show fountains & we are well-versed in all disciplines required for show fountains including movers, show controls, audio & lighting, & controls. Our team can develop custom technical solutions specifically for your next water entertainment feature. 


Collaborate with us today & let us develop anything from controls for smaller, classic fountains to robotic movers for live entertainment shows for you. 

Unsure of which Control System best fits your project?

Let the experts help! Contact us today to discuss SplashBotix Control solutions 

SplashBotix’s mission is to empower creative ideas & artistic visions by developing high-quality, innovative technical solutions for the entertainment & show fountain industry. 

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