Commercial Pools and Spas

SplashBotix offers commercial pool designers, contractors and owners a comprehensive suite of controls and aquatic design technologies that greatly simplify the design, development and operation of high-end, feature-rich pools and aquatic features and amenities.

Leveraging SplashBotix controls products and fountain equipment, designers and contractors bring to life award-winning commercial pools that deliver truly amazing guest experiences.

Relevant Services

Custom fountain controls design and build

Fountain and aquatic amenity show programming

Fountain and aquatic feature design and development consulting

Custom submersible and dry controls development

Electrical design consulting and assistance

Electrical and field wiring drawings

Remote and on-site set up and installation support

Relevant Products

Low voltage pool lighting power and control

Off-the-shelf SCADA and supervisory aquatic control

Distributed low voltage proportional flow control

DMX device and lighting fixture control